4Runners Edge Strykers 5-4 In The End


Guam- It was an exciting match to say the least. 

The Toyota 4Runners were coming off a crushing 15-2 loss against Quality Distributors last week and Arjay Valencia and Rico Romero made sure that they weren’t going to lose again.  Valencia and Romero scored one each in the last eight minutes to snatch the victory.

The 4Runners, behind Arton Valencia’s goal after just 30 seconds, had taken a 3-1 lead after just 13 minutes, but Strykers made it 3-3 by halftime before Kevin Cruz gave Strykers the lead in the 59th minute.

The highest rank that 4Runners can acheive is 5th while Strykers cannot go higher than 7th. 4runners defeated Strykers 5-4 with Arjay and Romero booting in two goals each.  

This Sunday the semifinals will commence with the first match at 4:30 between Quality Distributors and Cars Plus FC in the feature matchup.  At 7:30 Guam Shipyard will face FC Guahan and the winners advance to the final match next week.  Both matches are at the GFA Soccer Fields in Harmon.