Quality Distributors Win Men’s Beach Soccer


Guam – Quality Distributors had to win their last two games in order for the football club to win the first Budweiser Men’s Beach Soccer League. And that’s what they did.

Quality defeated Fuji Ichiban Espada 11-3 for the first game of the day thanks to Scott Spindel’s 5 goals. That game just so happened to give them the advantage in points spread and that game also made them tied for first with Guam United.

United then stepped onto the sand and tired out Paintco Strykers 9-5 and put themselves one game ahead of Quality. But they failed to surpass Quality’s total goals by one. At this point Quality scored 31 points while United, after their game with the Strykers, finished with 30 total goals. So all Quality had to do was win their next game to win the title, which was against the Strykers, who just played United only moments ago.

It seems that back to back games in the sun does play a factor.

Quality blew open the point spread and showed no mercy with a 14-1 win over Paintco. This time it was Matt Cruz that booted five goals for Quality and Spindel was right behind him with four goals in the game.

Quality Distributors now adds another trophy in their already filled trophy case and are the first champions of Men’s Beach Soccer on Guam.