Women’s Soccer Going To Playoffs


Guam- With the regular season is now finished, the playoffs will begin this weekend. The games have been scheduled in the following manner:
Silver Plate
Game 37: Rank 8th (Bombers) vs. Rank 9th (Islanders) *Please note that this game is at 2:15 PM
Game 38: Rank 6th (Hyundai) vs. Rank 7th (Guahan.com)
Game 40: Rank 5th (Strykers) vs. Winner of Game 37 (Bombers vs. Islanders)

Gold Plate
Game 39: Rank 2nd (Quality) vs. Rank 3rd (dck Masters)
Game 41: Rank 1st (Orange Crushers) vs. Rank 4th (Guam Shipyard)

The final games (next week) will also be scheduled as follows so that you may keep track:

Silver Plate:
Game 42: Rank 2nd vs. Rank 3rd
Game 44: Winner of Game 38 vs. Winner of Game 40

Gold Plate:
Game 43: Loser of Game 39 vs. Loser of Game 41
Game 45: Winner of Game 39 vs. Winner of Game 41