Inarajan Hawks Outplay Bank


Guam- The game was filled with a lot of emotion and physicality between Bank of Guam and Inarajan Hawks.

The two teams are part of the 20 Plus Division of the Golden Hoops Classic Basketball Tournament and it was a very close first half. Both teams showed no fear of contact and the refs showed no signs of blowing the whistle. In the second quarter the refs realized enough is enough and Hawks’ Joe Steven Duenas was issued a technical foul for taunting. Shortly after, the Bank’s Ivan Babauta got a technical for taunting also. The Hawks only held a slim 5 point, 24-19 lead at the end of the first half.

That’s not a comfortable lead when you’re challenging the Bank.

In the second half the Hawks could not put their guard down for a second, which they didn’t. The action was fierce and the fight for a win was ever present. The Hawks only outscored the Bank by two points in the second half but the Hawks played hard and held down the Bank 55-48.