Geckos Solidify Volleyball Supremecy


Guam – It’s how every championship match is suppossed to be.  Suspenseful, action-filled, a display of poise and control while overcoming adversities and a roar of the crowd that even a deaf man could hear.  Everything was present in the final match of the high school boy’s volleyball season.

Every match that the George Washington Geckos and Okkodo Bulldogs played went to G.W.  The Geckos seemed to be the kryptonite for the Bulldogs considering they are the only team that can and has beaten the Bulldogs.  But the Bulldogs are the only team that looked and are strong enough to beat the mighty Geckos.

The Geckos have not lost in the regular and post season this year and the first game of the night was their first taste of losing.  Ties and lead changes littered all three sets of the first match and the Bulldogs extended the final match and forced the ‘if’ game 23-25, 28-26, 25-20.

During the rest between games the Geckos calmed down, regrouped and returned to play like the volleyball team that kept them undefeated. Two sets was all they needed.  The first set was proof that the Geckos were not ready to hand the Bulldogs the title and prevented any kind of Bulldog rally.  The second set was closer than the first set but towards the final points of the game the Geckos thundered in kills and claimed the 2010 boy’s volleyball title 25-17, 25-21.