ND crushes Islanders In Girls Soccer


Guam- The Notre Dame Royals came back with a vengeance after losing to Simon Sanchez in their last match and the JFK Islanders were their unwilling victims.It was a good day to be a Royals goalkeeper because the ball hardly went to that territory.  The Royals kept the ball to their advantage for almost the whole match. 

Out of the gates the Royals started scoring and just about three minutes the Royals scored a goal and mounted a 5-0 lead within the first fifteen minutes of play from all around the goal.  The first goal went off the Islanders goalkeeps fingertips from 15 yards out.  Three minutes later another goal.  About three minutes later, another goal.  The Royals did this for the first five goals.

A few more goals in the second half nailed the coffin shut for the Islanders.  The Islanders could not get anything going and lacked the presence on offense and defense.