I-Connect Wins First PABL Masters


Guam- I-Connect got the first masters trophy because of the Mark Nanpei Lloyd Hartman connection. With a combined 58 points the the first master’s champions made a very comfortable cushion and a late game drive to propel them to the highest seat in all the land.  I-Connect defeated Team Justice 82-60.

Nanpei’s started off with a hot hand scoring 14 points in the first quarter and ended with Hartman who scrambled up ten points in the last moments of the game.  Nanpai led with 36 points while Hartman pulled in 22 points in the win.  Joe Taitano got 20 and Champ Calvo popped up 11 for Team Justice.  I-Connects Mike Katzuren was named series MVP and averaged 22 points a game.