Governor Camacho Affirms His Support for the Calvo-Tenorio Team


Guam – Governor Felix Camacho today [Tuesday] publicly expressed his support for the Calvo-Tenorio Team which won the GOP Gubernitorial primary.

He told PNC News “I’m an incumbent Republican Governor and I support the Republican nominees which are Calvo-Tenorio.”

In the Primary of course, the Governor had supported his Lt. Governor, Mike Cruz and Senator Jim Espaldon, who lost to the Calvo-Tenorio Team.  But today Camacho said “I am a party man and I will stick with the party.”

However, the Governor emphasized the importance of party unity saying : “I’ve seen, from the time of my father dating back to 1970,  40 years of elections. And every time their is a split in the party, that party typically loses, when there is unity that party wins.”

Referring to the bruising primary campaign that his Lt. Governor just went through, Governor Camacho said: “I understand the pain and the suffering and the grief that happens with a loss. I’ve lost and I’ve won, I’ve seen it.” he said.

“There is a need for healing,” said the Governor, “there is a time to let emotions begin to subside, and let the dust settle. And then people can decide and begin to make commitments. But when your emotional, when your upset, when your angry at a loss that occurs in a primary, its natural to feel upset. But rather than making commitments immediately, you need to begin to just calm down and then make sense of  what commitments you want to do in the way of who you will support.” 

The Governor also expressed confidence in his Lt. Governor’s commitment to the Republican Party, but said Mike Cruz wants to go back to being a surgeon when his term in office is over.


“You know Mike Cruz, as he said, is a party man,” but “he wants to go back to full time surgery,” said the Governor.

The Lt. Governor is on leave this week amidst questions over his commitment to the Calvo-Tenorio ticket.

Govenor Camacho said “as to the politics of that, only Mike Cruz can speak to that.”