No Bucks for GovGuam, No Buildup Projects for DoD


Guam – Despite the signing of the record of decision,  ground-breaking on many of the key projects can not happen until the money is found to pay for critical infrastructure projects outside the fence. The choke-point is the northern waste water treatment plant and the Ukudu Workforce Village.

It boils down to no bucks for GovGuam,  no buildup projects for DoD. And it is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that is forcing the issue.

Nothing gets built until the workers who’ll build it have a place to stay. And the plan is they’ll stay at the Ukudu Village. But in recent weeks, the U.S. EPA, as well as the Guam Waterworks Authority, have made it clear that the Ukudu  Workforce Village won’t get built until the Northern Wastewater Treatment plant has been upgraded to handle the load. A load of sewage and demand for water not only from the Workforce Village, but the military housing planned for Finagayen.

CCU Chairman Simon Sanchez is meeting this week with senior officials from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. It is JBIC that will decide how and when to release $740 million dollars in Japanese funding that has been committed to GovGuam infrastructure,  projects outside the fence.

The question is when will those funds begin to flow. Sanchez says possible as soon as early next year. That is what is under negotiation this week with JBIC and DoD.