First Phase Funding for Port Modernization in the Bank


Guam – It was expected, now its official. The Port of Guam Friday received a $54.5 million dollar check from the Department of Agriculture. It is a loan which,  combined with a $50 million dollar DoD appropriation earlier this year,  adds up to enough money to get the the First-Phase of the Port’s Modernization Program done.


The Port Modernization Program, as authorized by the Guam Legislature, spans a 30-year planning horizon and is valued at a little more than $260 Million.  Phase I-A and Phase I-B of the program should be accomplished over the next 5 years and are focused on critical maintenance and repair of waterfront facilities and the dredging and uplands expansion needed to handle near-term cargo demands of the military buildup.  Phase II of the program will occur 30 years into the future and focuses on the expansion needed to address the cargo demands of the long-term organic growth of Guam and our neighboring islands.

Phase 1-A will be funded by the $ 50 Million appropriation from the Department of Defense combined with the $54.5 Million awarded today by the USDA.  Funding for the Phase I-B project has yet to be identified.  Phase 1-A includes reconfiguration and expansion of the cargo terminals, creation of a new gate complex, reconfiguration and expansion of selected buildings, upgraded utilities and security features, and  state-of-the-art terminal and gate operating systems. Phase 1-B includes wharf repairs, dredging, cranes, and additional security equipment.

The Port Authority of Guam now joins with their federal partner, the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) and their Program Management Team, EA Engineering, Sciences and Technology, to launch the implementation phase of the project. MARAD Administrator David T. Matsuda flew to Guam this week to attend today’s Kickoff Ceremony.

“The fact that the Administrator of MARAD, David Matsuda, flew to Guam to join us definitely sends a signal that our partnerships are solid as we move forward with the construction phase of our Modernization Program,” Agustin said. “We look forward to continuing our work with MARAD, USDA and our other federal and local partners.”