Calvo-Tenorio Accept Compromise, Will Participate In GMA Debate


Guam – Calvo-Tenorio Campaign Chairman Mike Benito has confirmed that the GMA Debate is back on after the campaign accepted revised GMA terms for broadcasting the event.

Calvo-Tenorio pulled out of the debate Monday night alleging bias on the part of CW4-TV which is slated to broadcasting the event on TV LIVE. [K-57 is also broadcasting the event LIVE on the Radio.]

However GMA President Dr. Tom Shieh managed to work out a compromise today [Tuesday] to satisfy  all sides and allow the debate to continue.

Read the compromise offer letter from GMA’s Dr. Shieh to Calvo-Tenorio Campaign

The initial decision by the Calvo-Tenorio team to pull out of the GMA debate followed 2 FCC complaints filed by Calvo-Tenorio Attorney Tom Fisher against Marianas Media  alleging violations of FCC regulations regarding the maintenance of CW4’s political file and allegations that the Gutierriz-Aguon team was getting free advertising on the station while Calvo-Tenorio had to pay.

Monday night the Calvo-Tenorio campaign issued a statement accusing CW4 of  breaking federal law and of being biased against the GOP team.

Tuesday, GMA President Dr. Tom Shieh scrambled to to try and bridge the differences and get their debate back on track.

He showed PNC News a letter from Calvo-Tenorio Campaign Chairman Mike Benito in which Benito wrote that Calvo-Tenorio would  “not attend unless other media outlets like KUAM or PNC were able to film and re-broadcast at a later time.”

Late Tuesday afternoon the GMA announced that they had satisfied that requirement by reaching a deal with Sorensen Media and CW4 to allow PNC News to tape the debate for rebroadcast later.

After the compromise was reached, Calvo-Tenorio Campaign Chairman Benito accepted GMA’s terms and said the Calvo-Tenorio team will participate in the debate.