Banks Is Soccer MVP


Guam- The 2010/11 Interscholastic Interdependent High School Girl’s Soccer All-Island Team has been announced.

Simon Sanchez Sharks Jannel Banks made it to the first team and was given the Most Valuable Player award. Last season Banks was the All-Island Second Team Utility player. Notre Dame High School leads the picks with four players with Jonimonay Tedpahago and Heather Thompson seeing their third appearance on the First Team. Guam High School has the second most players with three.

2010/11 IIAAG Girl’s Soccer All-Island

1st Team      
Goal Keeper: Melanie Strudthoff GHS  
Defenders: Edelene Cruz SSHS 2009/10 1st Team Defender
  Alexis Vermeire GHS  
  Arisa Recella JFK 2009/10 1st Team Defender
  Tana Ramos AOLG 2009/10 Honorable Mention Defender
Midfield: Demi Rae Shimizu NDHS 2009/10 Honorable Mention Midfield
  Isabella Shimizu NDHS 2009/10 1st Team Midfield
(MVP) Jannel Banks SSHS 2009/10 2nd Team Utility
  Meagan Speck GHS 2009/10 1st Team Forward
Forward: Jonimonay Tedpahogo NDHS 2008/09  & 2009/10  1st Team Forward
  Paige Surber SHS 2009/10 2nd Team Midfield
Utlity: Heather Thimpson NDHS 2008/09 & 2009/10 1st Team Midfield
2nd Team      
Goal Keeper: Jena Cruz GWHS  
Defenders: Jamie Soriano NDHS  
  Tatyana Ungacta HCA 2009/10 2nd Team Defender
  Meagan Crisostomo SJS 2009/10 2nd Team Midfield
  Naomi Blaz GWHS  
Midfield: Kristi Hammond SJS 2009/10 1st Team Midfield
  Phoebe Minato HCA 2009/10 Honorable Mention Midfield
  Brianna Benito AOLG 2009/10 1st Team Defender
  Mariana Crisostomo NDHS  
Forward: Kristine Redolozo SSHS 2009/10 2nd Team Forward
  Krystiana Marinez GWHS  
Utility: Brandi Potter NDHS