FBI DNA Expert Holds Seminar for Guam’s Public Safety Officers


Guam – Guam law enforcement officers got some helpful training today [Thursday] in DNA analysis from a visiting FBI expert.

The Supervising Forensic Examiner at the FBI”s DNA Unit in Quantico Virgina, Rhonda Craig, gave a seminar at GPD’s Crime Lab on the GCC Campus. A number of public safety officers from various departments attended.

Craig has been visiting  Guam for this week’s Pacific Judicial Conference and the FBI’S Supervising Resident Agent on Guam, Steve Moore, asked her to share some of her expertise with local law enforcement.

Moore said “the public has come to expect DNA evidence at trial” and its critical to provide training to law enforcement officers so that they can explain the results to jurors in court and answer question at trial,  under cross examination.

One thing Craig spoke about was the high priority the FBI has placed on counter-terrorism efforts and the role that DNA analysis plays in that anti-terrorism effort.