Guam Rebar Brings New Technology and Promises New Jobs


Guam – If your looking for the impact of the military buildup on the island’s private sector, look no further than Maniglao where a new re-bar business has started up to take advantage of the coming construction boom. And the new firm promises to provide some local jobs.

It is Guam Rebar and it sits in a wharehouse up off the back road to Andersen, across the street from Hawaiian Rock.

Company President Mike Mauriello says the reason why they’re here is the buildup. Times are tough back in New York where the company is based and then they heard about the buildup on Guam. “Its a tremendous opportunity for us,” said Mauriello.

Guam re-bar is not the only re-bar business on Guam. But Mauriello thinks they have a competitive advantage because of the technology they’ve brought to Guam.

Now, most firms are delivering 40 foot strips of re-bar to the job site and letting the contractor cut and bend it to suit their needs. That takes time. But Mauriello says with the technology they have, they can conform the re-bar to suit the contractors requirements and bend the bar ahead of time and deliver it to the construction site.

Looking forward,  Maurillo says he expects at the height of the buildup to be processing 25 to 30 tons during an 8 hour shift. And he expects to be operating 2 shifts a day. That means jobs for Guam residents. They’re looking to fill about a half  dozen positions now, and more later.

To date Guam Rebar has invested almost $1 million dollars rebuilding their Mangilao warehouse and shipping over the automated re-bar processing equipment.  

The company is holding an official opening and welcoming barbecue at the facility this Saturday.