Gutierrez Files Lawsuits Seeking to Overturn Results of 2010 Gubernatorial Election


Guam – Lawyers for the Gutierrz-Aguon Gubernatorial Campaign this afternoon [Friday] filed companion lawsuits in both Superior and District Court seeking to overturn the results of the 2010 Gubernatorial Election that has already been certified in favor of the rival Republican team of Calvo-Tenorio.

Read the lawsuit filed in District Court     

Read the lawsuit filed in Superior Court

The lawsuits were filed by Attorney David Lujan on behalf of Carl Gutierrez … Frank Aguon Jr…The Democratic Party of Guam and 1-thousand John Doe’s …citizens of Guam, all of whom, the lawsuit alleges, were “illegally and arbitrarily deprived of their right to vote.”

Among the factual allegations in the lawsuit are:

* locked ballot boxes were opened at poling sites … secret ballots were removed and exposed to the public.

* ballots were removed by Guam Election Commission Executive Director John Blas who transported them to other polling sites

* absentee ballots were destroyed or removed

* absentee ballots were not mailed to voters who requested them

* absentee ballots were mailed too late for voters to return them in time

* registered voters were turned away at numerous polling sites and not allowed to vote

* the chain of custody was compromised when ballots were secured and held by a private security company owned and/or controlled by Republican Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Ray Tenorio.

*  the number of ballots issued to voters did not match the number of ballots returned at various precincts

*  residents of other u.s. jurisdictions … like Saipan, were allowed to vote in Guam’s election.

* underage voters were allowed to cast ballots

*illegal ballots were counted

*voting tabulation machines malfunctioned

The lawsuit also reveals new totals in the election count:

Calvo-Tenorio:    19,879  or 50.38 %

Gutierrez-Aguon  19,296 or 48.90 %

*  484 over-votes

*  702 under-votes

On the issue of the over and under votes, the lawsuit  notes that the tabulation machines rejected those votes on November 2ed election night. But the Election Commission Board Members spent much of their time during the re-count on November 6th trying to determine voter intent. But that process too comes under criticism  in the lawsuit which states:

“The machine re-count … included numerous incidents of ballots being chewed up/mutilated  by the machines … and there were problems with several machines … several additional recounts had to be done for at least 6 precincts.” But “despite the fact of the obvious failures of the tabulation machines … the gec accepted and certified the results of the machine recount.”

The lawsuit cites violations of the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution and it also cites the Guam Organic Act and the Help America Vote Act which all guarantee that a citizens right to vote may not be arbitrarily denied.

The lawsuits suit seeks:

*declare the results of the election for governor and Lt. Governor certified by the GEC legally invalid

*require the GEC to schedule and conduct a new election at the earliest practicable time.