Top Layer of Route 4 Roadwork Remains A Problem; But DPW Insists Sinajana Intersection Could Be Open By End of Week


Guam – Department of Public Works Director Andy Leon Guerrero claims they’re still on track for re-opening all traffic lanes on route 4 through the intersection in Sinajana by the end of this week, hopefully.

Questions have been raised about both the under-lying “base course”  and the top most “friction-course” for the roadway.

Problems remain he acknowledged with the “friction-course” layer of the roadwork that has been done so far. The mixture used to lay it down, reportedly, does not comply with specifications. Oil was seeping  up from the mixture.

But DPW Director Leon Guerrero told PNC News that at least the underlying  base-course has been approved and the remaining portion of the Route 4 intersection will be paved with that by the end of the week, “hopefully.”

However, the friction-course layer remains an issue and he said they’ll have to take a look at the raodway that has been paved between Ada’s Funeral Home and Route 10. It may have to be re-done.