With Bond Docs Signed, GWA Expects To Start Work on Islandwide Water Repairs Within A Few Months


Guam – The bond documents formally authorizing the Guam Waterworks Authority to borrow $119-million dollars were signed Tuesday at GEDA’s offices in Tamuning. The water system improvement projects the funds will pay for are expected to get underway in the first quarter of next year.

Acting GWA General Manager John Benevente and Acting CCY Chairman Eloy Hara signed the final paper work clearing the way for serious work to begin on repairing the island’s water system.

The money will be spent on tackling 10 priority projects identified by GWA.

They are:

1. Repair and replace miles of aging and leaking water line

2. Purchase and install a supervisory control and data acquisition system. That will allow GWA to monitor problems with the water distribution system rather than wait for customers to call with complaints.

3. Begin the island-wide drinking water tank repair and replacement program

4. Expand and improve the already upgraded Ugum Water Treatment plant  which will help improve water production and storage for the southern villages.

5. Start the rehabilitation of the island’s water wells to ensure better and more consistent water production.

6. Implement phase I of the Agat Wastewater Treatment Plant study

7. Implement phase I of the Baza Garden Wastewater Treatment Plant study. Both studies are necessary first steps in building new sewage plants  in Agat and Baza Gardens in the years to come.

8. Modernize and upgrade GWA’s laboratory and testing facilities.

9. Replace the mechanical and electrical equipment used for the water and wastewater systems which will result in improved water pressure in every village.

10. Rehabilitate Asan Springs which is a key source of water for several village and will reduce GWA’s dependence on costly water from the Navy.

Acting CCU Chairman Eloy Hara said it’ll go a long way towards satisfying the District Court’s remaining stipulated orders.