Candidates Await Issuance of Certificates Of Election


Guam – The Guam Election Commission will meet again this Friday afternoon at 4. And GEC Director John Blas says that the Certificates of Election will be ready, if the Board members decide to take up the issue.

Before Governor-Elect Calvo and Lt. Governor-Elect Ray Tenorio can be sworn in and take office, they, and all other candidates must have in hand a Certificate of Election. It is the formal legal proof that they have been certified the election winner and can legally take office.

Guam Election Commission Attorney Cesar Cabot says the certificates are “mere paper evidence of a candidates right to hold office, and that process has not occurred yet.”

Before any Certificates of Election can be issued,  the election results themsleves have to be certified. That was done the night of the re-count, November 6th. Cabot says there is no question that the results have been already been certified and are official.

“The unanimous decision of the Board on November 6th in unanimously certifying the results and declaring the official results of the election would be the official decision of the Board … the real action took place on November 6th.”

GEC Executive Director John Blas tells PNC News that these Certificates of Election will be ready for Friday’s meeting,  if the board chooses to act on them. Each certificate requires a majority of 4 signatures from the 7 members Election Commission Board.

PNC:  “It is possible that 4 members might not agree to sign one of those certificates, is that correct?”

Cabot: “I don’t want to embark on speculation.”

Given that the Board has already voted unanimously to certify the election results, there does not appear to be any reason why the Board members would not all agree to unanimously sign the Certificates of Election for all the winners, including the Calvo-Tenorio team, unless the lawsuit has changed the minds of some of the Board members.