Full Body Scanners Coming to Guam’s Airport Early Next Year


Guam -Guam’s A.B. Won Pat International Airport will soon have 2 full body scanners installed. The scanners have already raised a storm of controversy from privacy advocates stateside. Guam’s TSA Director says they’re sensitive to the privacy concerns, but security is job 1.

They started going into U.S. Airports November 1st and to date about 385 body scanner are in place at 68 airports around the country, Including Saipan Guam TSA Federal Security Director Daniel Astorga says 2 of them will be installed at Guam’s airport early next year.

They’re called AIT Units in Fed speak. AIT stands for Advanced Imaging Technology. And the images are revealing.

Astorga says TSA is sensitive to privacy concerns that have been raised by the public. The person who views the image of the traveller will be secluded in a locked room well away from the screening area. And only that person can see the image. The screener and the traveller will never have eye contact. The images are not recorded and can not be saved or printed.

Once installed the goal is to move as many people as possible through the body scanner. Travellers can opt out. If they do they then go through the normal screening process we’re all familiar with now. The metal detector.

If the screener sees something worth a closer look in either the body scanner image or the metal detector, then, and only then, will the traveller be asked to step aside for a “pat down.”

At every step along the way, the traveller can always opt out, but Astorga says security is their first concern and if the traveler refuses the body scan, and the metal detector and a pat down, they won’t be able to fly.