Up to 6 Months of Isolation for Drug Resistant TB Case


Guam – A patient at GMH who has drug resistant TB may have to stay in isolation at the hospital for up to 6-months. And the treatment could run well over $100-thousand dollars. As PNC News reported last month, the patient has been placed in isolation at the hospital. GMH Spokesman Connor Murphy could not disclose details about the patient. But said the person is being treated with second line drugs now which are far more expensive and take more time to work.

“We treat the patient under what are called airborne isolation precautions, in a private room with negative air pressure,” said Murphy. Staff wear special face masks.” And as far as the costs go, it could run into the hu7dnreds of thousands of dollars.”

Beyond the case of drug resistant TB, Murphy says that GMH is also seeing a spike in flu cases, which he said is not unusual because the flu season has begun.

Murphy says they normally see about 75 flu cases in a week. Recently its gone up to the 120 range. He reminds resident to take standard precautions like covering your sneeze or cough,  wash your hands and get a flu shot.