2010.12.13.kk.junior achieve


2010.12.13.kk.junior achieve


tt: 1:22



onc: 5 sec

junior achievement of guam is recognizing a group of their *top* achievers.//



vo: 30 sec

high school students …. andrea dela-rea … hillary vi-ray … johnathan perez … and joseph hernandez teamed up to create a new business.// their idea was to print recipes on t-shirts … upside down… so the cook can look down and read the recipe.// they raised the money from donations … found a manufacturer to make 100 of the t-shirts.// and over the past month they’ve sold 86 of them.//


sound bite: andrea delarea/ team leader 11 sec

in: 1:26″it means try in chammorro…”

out: 1:37″…refer to it.”


vo: 16 sec

dela-rea and her team placed first amongst competing junior achievers on guam.// they’ve done so well that they have ordered another batch of 200 * recipe t-shirts.* // the key to success … she says … is perseverance.///


sound bite: andrea delarea/ team leader 18 sec

in: 5:51″you just need to be perservering…”

out: 6:09″…stick out through it.”


onc: 16 sec

these junior achievers were sponsored by the bank of hawaii.// and coming up next week … on wednesday … december 22 … junior achievement guam will be holding its trade fair at the chamorro village where all of the products dreamed up by the island’s young entrepreneurs will be up for sale.###