CNMI’s GOP Cautious About Proposed Merger With Covenant Party


Guam – The CNMI Republican Party says a merger with Gov. Benigno Fitial’s Covenant Party will not benefit the local GOP because of the people’s growing frustrations with the current administration.

House Minority Leader Diego T. Benavente said a Republican-Covenant merger is more beneficial to the Covenants than it is for Republicans considering the current frustration with the Fitial administration’s payless paydays, work hour cuts, and the governor’s failure to deliver on his promise to revive the economy during two elections.

Benavente said what he and others in the local GOP are proposing is to have a general membership meeting of the Republican Party to see if a merger with the Covenant Party is what the majority of members want.`

Benavente is poised to seek re-election in the 2012 midterm elections and is seeking the House speakership with the lower chamber expected to reorganize itself.

Fitial, a Republican national party member and a former member of the CNMI Republican party, founded the Covenant Party in 2001 for his first gubernatorial bid that didn’t succeed. He won in his second attempt in 2005 and was successful in his reelection bid in 2009. He is not eligible for a third term.