Rain Postpones Reds Cougars Ballgame


Guam – It’s the first rained out ballgame of the season in the Budweiser Baseball League.  The field was deemed playable by the home plate umber and the skies let up for a short while.

This may have been a blessing in disguise for the Cougars.  The Reds were able to bring in 2 runs in the first inning and 1 one in the third to make it three zero ballgame.  

In between those three innings there was rain delay and the game resumed for a short while before the skies really opened up and a down pour caused the officials to call off the game.

Since there were less than five innings of play the game will restart at 0-0 in the first inning and the efforts of the Reds last night will not be counted.  the game is rescheduled for the end of the regular season.

Tonight the game between the Saipan Cyclones and Team Belau have been cancelled as well, due to the rainy weather throughout the day.

Hopefully the weather clears up for Sunday’s game. Sunday is the day you’re gonna want to head out to the Paseo Stadium.  This Sunday is the fight for first between the Bank of Guam A’s and the AK Islanders.  Both teams are 7-1 and the winner will have sole possession of first.  AK won the first meeting between the two.  AK is on a 7 game winning streak since losing their first game of the season to the Braves.  The A’s are on a six game winning streak and their only loss came from AK.  Game starts at 7:00pm at Paseo Stadium.