Bank Of Guam A’s Roster Gets Giant Additions


Guam – There’s a big shift in teams this year’s Budweiser Baseball League and the Bank Of Guam A’s looks like they have might have banked this season.  The A’s picked up around 7 Gatorade Giants players because Gatorade is not fielding a team in 2011.

Some players from the Giants include Matt Muna, the Cepeda Brothers and Derwin Aguon.  These pickups should fill in the holes left by Tommy Morrison and Paul Pangelinan who have moved on to other teams.  This practically new A’s ball club now has a very deep and highly capable dugout crew.

On paper, the team looks real good but with the new additions the A’s are a fresh group and will concentrate on getting the guys to play well with each other as opposed to years past when they played against each other.

“This year we’re looking a lot different,” said A’s pitcher and outfielder Roke Alcantara, Jr.  “We got a new coaching staff this year and a bunch of new players due to no Gatorade team this year. We ended up pulling through with a lot of their key players so this year we look pretty strong,” Alcantara said.

The Budweiser Baseball League starts Thursday, February 3rd.