Moylan’s ODC Braves Looking Fine


Guam – The defending Moylan’s O.D.C. Braves are not fixing what isn’t broken, they’re just going to fine tune it.

With majority of last year’s squad returning, the Braves are looking to improve on some of their weaknesses, which isn’t much.  According to Braves Manager Al Tatsui, the team will also work on getting the guys in tuned with each other.

“This season is one game at a time, pretty much.  There’s a lot of movement among the other teams with personnel.  We see a lot of guys practicing with the Bank, 76 and Docomo.  We’re just keeping with our same game plan, it’s been working these past few years, so, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” said Braves Outfielder Rico Castro.

The ball club is seeing new additions to the team and is littered with some players who have played for the Braves in the past and have decided to return to the game.  The Braves also picked up a few players from the now defunct Gatorade Giants, the most notable being Jared Palomo who was a consistent hitter and fielder for the Giants last year.

The Braves are going to continue where they left off last season, which is winning games.  The Braves the 2010 season on a nine game winning streak and finished with the best record at 10-2 and went on to sweep in the post-season.