76 Cougars Full Of Cubs


Guam – 76 Cougars Manager Kin Reyes’ job in the 2011 Budweiser Baseball Season is mainly introducing the young talent he has to Guam’s Major League.

With only a handful of returning players in the club, around five or six, majority of the team is very young.  Those returning, like Rick Cruz and team captain Roman Aguero, might find themselves taking up a mentoring role as well.  The Cougars did acquire Colby Barnes of the Gatorade Giants this year but most are still trying to hand what is their next step in their baseball career.

Reyes is eager to start the season and will use the first three games as a gauge to see where the team actually stands in the league.  Reyes sees himself as a test pilot this season with a new fighter jet and he wants to see what it can do.

“We got a pretty good team,” says Aguero, “but we’re very young, so we’re just gonna go and have some fun, get these young guys experienced, get them ready for next year.  (But) We’ll be competitive this year, so, that’s pretty much it.”

Reyes also wanted to extend his gratitude towards the people and companies that help keep Guam baseball alive.  He thanked 76/SPPC and Bank Pacific for sponsoring the team and also thanked Budweiser and Frank Shimizu for the efforts they put into the league.

The 76 Cougars finished with a 4-8 record in 2010.