Big Names Join Docomo Reds


Guam – The Docomo Reds are an improved Reds coming into the 2011 Budweiser Baseball Season.

The Reds are poised on turning around an 1-11 record last season.  As compared to past seasons, the Reds are seeing a boost on offense and defense with the acquisitions of the Hattig brothers, Ray Aguon and Tommy Morrison.  Without mentioning any names, Reds Manager Gene McDonald hinted to a bigger presence on the mound with a pitcher that has some college experience.  Putting all of that together, the Reds are not looking at anything short of a championship but wouldn’t mind making the top three.

“We’re looking at a really good team this year,” said Reds right fielder Lynnwood Baker.  “I think with, gosh, the Hattigs on the team I think we’re going to be a strong, offensive power team.  We have a couple of pitchers that came out and tried out for the team and are on the team, in particular, we have an ex-college player and we’re hoping he can give us support on the mound,” Baker said.

With the big names of local baseball on the team, sprinkled with young talent, the Reds might finally get a chance at a championship berth.