Fuji Hands Cars Plus First Nil


Guam – There were a couple of firsts in the most recent match of the Budweiser Men’s Soccer League.  

It was a great match up between the Cars Plus FC and Fuji Ichiban Espada FC.  The first goal of the match came at 35 seconds by FIE’s Joe Miller and is the fastest Division 1 goal this season.  After that, the battle ensued.

Cars Plus was all over FIE’s goal but the fast moving feet of Fuji and a nicely guarded net produced the first shut out given to Cars Plus since the team formed last year and the only the Car Club’s second loss ever.  In the 42nd minute Christian Schweizer takes advantage of a mishandled ball and finds himself in the open field, mano y mano with the goalkeeper and it was Schweizer who was the man.

Fuji Ichiban Espada FC defeated Cars Plus 2-0 in the Budweiser Men’s Soccer League.  Fuji goes on to challenge Quality Distributors this Friday (Dec. 12) and Cars Plus will face Guahan ICRC on Monday (Dec. 5).