Discovery Day Motocross Racing This Sunday In Umatac


Guam – With a deliberate break in the ten round Monster Energy 2011 Guam Motocross Championships schedule Guam’s motocross racers are anxiously getting set for what has been a yearly pilgrimage south to the beautiful village of Umatac.

For close to 40 years now the people, along with the mayor and its council of Umatac, have been opening up their village for the annual Discovery Day Motocross races. Its been happening since the 1970’s where such legends like Joey Crisostomo, James Cepeda, the Gapasin brothers and the late Roque Cabedo all banged bars and were throwing elbows on the black sand beach of the Umatac Bay.  Back then it was a thrill to see the riders power the front wheel into the air as they squirted across the river that divides the Umatac Bay beach into two and then jump back across to conclude a lap.

In the 1980’s,  the Limtiaco family of motocrossers, the Nace and Cabreza brothers, Joe Getty and Robert Bucek, along with so many others, all annually roosted up the black sand of Umatac on their hopped up dirt bikes during the Discovery Day celebrations.

In the 90’s, the four wheeled atv’s joined in on the fun and since that time the venue has moved from the beach and right next to the big Umatac bridge. Known jokingly as Carabao Raceway, the new venue now gives spectators a panoramic view of the races from the bridge and from the surrounding properties. With so many other village fiesta motocross races having been lost to progress or a lack of available space, the Umatac Discovery Day is a valued tradition for Guam’s motocross riders and for all of Guam race fans.

The track is small, similar to an arenacross but not as technical or difficult. Designed with everyone in mind the track layout always lends itself to close bar bumping action with plenty of thrills and spills to go around. This year Pine Rental has jumped forward to help provide the assistance needed to get the track built and ready in time for this Sundays big race.

Its free to enter for those who meet the mandatory safety requirements and free for everyone to come watch. The track opens Sunday morning for a short practice after the Umatac church has concluded its Sunday service. Racing usually starts between 12 noon and 1pm and lasts for several hours as the many classes run their two heats per class. Immediately following the race event everyone heads over to the main stage which is located in the center of the Discovery Day carnival and is just a short 2 minute walk from the track. Parking can sometimes be a problem so be prepared to squeeze in somewhere and possibly have to walk a bit to the bridge just remember it a fun time, its free and the racers love for you to be there cheering them on.

Information from a press release.