Antenour Bank Of Guam Player Of The Day


Guam – The Golden Hoops Classic (GHC) 2011 Spring Tournament presented by Aloha Maid and Bank of Guam held completed their round robin games and begin the double elimination playoffs beginning Saturday at Tamuning Gym.

SGS Construction Elou Antenour was named the Bank of Guam Player of the Day for Sunday, February27th in the 30 plus competitive division. Antenour scored a game high 22 points in a win against GFD Club 61-58.

Official playoff seeding for March 5th, Saturday games:

20 plus competitive division
Seeded 1 is the defending champs Team Justice (5-0). A three way tie for seed 2 between DLX All Stars, Inarajan Hawks and Tamuning Typhoons with 3-2 was decided with the least points scored. DLX received seed 2 followed by the Hawks seeded 3 and the Typhoons seeded 4. Andersen Defenders seeded 5 with a 1-4 record while ST Corp seeded 5 with a 0-5 record.

30 plus competitive division
Tamuning Typhoons finished their round robin games undefeated with a 5-0 getting seed 1. SGS Construction beat the Inarajan Hawks in a buzzer beating shot 49-48 on Wednesday night to claim seed 2 with a team record 3-3. The Hawks dropped down to seed 3 with a 3-2 while GFD Club finished with a 1-4 record getting seed 4.

40 plus competitive division
A three way tie at the end of round robin with 4-1 wins losses was between Express Signs Club, Inarjan Hawks and GFD Club. Express Signs received seed 1 followed by the Hawks at seed 2 and GFD at seed 3. Tamuning Typhoons seed 4 with a 2-3 record while Ada’s Trust took seed 5 with a 1-4 record and seeded 6 was Team Justice with a 0-5 record.

Playoff games are on Saturday and Sunday at Tamuning Gym starting at 11am. For more information contact the Tamuning Mayors Office at 646-5211 or visit for playoff game schedule and official game results.

Information from a press release.