Jagger Improves Personal Best, Sets New Records


Guam – It was sink or swim this past weekend at the Hagatna pool and records sank as comprtitors swam.

In the Guam Swimming Federation All-Island Invitational two records fell to the same guy who recorded them.  Jagger Stephens of the Tsunami Swim Club improved his personal best times and lowered the Feferation’s 11-12  Boy’s records in the 50meter Freestyle and 50m Backstroke. The new time are now 26.62s  and 32.84s respectively.


Water You Doing?: Jagger Stephens center, surrounded by teammates Tasi Limtiaco (left), Kai Aricayos (right)

View the complete G.S.F. All-Island Swimming results: All-Island_Swimming_Results.txt

Information from a press release.