International Table Tennis Tournament Begins


Guam – The Guam Table Tennis Junior and Cadet Open officially started today at the UOG Field.  The tables were out and the barriers were in place and junior players from a combined 14 countries and federations came together to find their place in Table Tennis.

Opening ceremonies were held before the first serve of the day with a parade of nations that welcomed and acknowledge the participants representing their countries in one of the biggest tournament the International Table Tennis Federation has seen.

Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio was also present to welcome to the Federation and athletes.  After which the players were treated to some Guam culture with the Jimmy Dee Chamorrita’s.  It was also a special day for one of the Australia players.  It’s Jake Duffy’s 13th birthday and he got birthday kisses from the lovely dancers.

The Tournament starts with the Oceania Cadet Challenge and will progress throughout the weekend with the 2011 Junior and Cadet Open and the Oceania World Junior Championships Qualifier.  If you want to watch high level table tennis by the future of the sport just head over to the UOG Fieldhouse in the next four days.