Pepsi Warriors Football Is Stronger, Faster


Guam – The Pepsi Warriors have returned to the Miller Football League with majority of players returning from last year as well as the addition of recent George Washinton high school graduates. The Warriors are looking at a faster, stronger and versatile team on both offense and defense.

The Warriors made their final cut last night and with the power and speed added in the backfield, along with a changeable offensive line Head Coach Loring Cruz is looking to set up different offensive packages according to the opponent.  “You’re gonna see a couple of different packages from the power and the speed package in the backfield, same thing with the receiver set too,” Cruz said. 

The defense has also seen the same improvements.  Majority of the defense came back, along with defensive coach Ryan Rios, and the recent graduates have bolstered the defensive backfield.  “I feel we’re stronger in our defensivee front now, and again, like the offense, we have a big line and a small line who are quick and it’s going to be quick for some of the teams to try and block them,” Cruz went on to say.  The big line will, of course, be used for short yard situations and teams that run.

One of the key additions to the team is a kicker.  Last season Pepsi lost most of their games by a field goal and this year Head Coach Loring Cruz is not going to let that happen.

Pepsi’s first game is against the Docomo Chargers on Sunday, January 23, at the U.O.G. Field.  The Miller Football League will have the opening game the day before and all games are at 2:30 in the afternoon.