Rams Dodge Angels In MFL Opener


Guam – The opening game of the Miller Football League featured the defending Shell’s Hal’s Angels and the Cars Plus Rams in a rematch of last year’s final game.
It took a while for both teams to get their offensive rhythm going.  Angels quarterback Steve Phillips put too much finesse on the ball causing him to overthrow his receivers.  

The Angels defense made it difficult for Brant McCreadie and the Rams running game.  The Rams QB found himself shrugging off defenders more than he would have liked to.  Not to mention the Rams running backs had to fight their way to the line of scrimmage.

The second half is where the action picked up with McCreadie firing bullets to his receivers and converting for first downs and an eventual endzone cheer.
Kicking was no where to be found on the field.  Punts went everywhere except forward and the determining PATs found the uprights too narrow.

The Rams and the Angels went into six overtime possessions before the Rams Anthony Veimana ran in for the win.  The Rams defeated the Angels 12-6.
All games for the MFL are Saturday’s and sundays at the 2:30 in the afternoon at the UOG Field.