Errol Angoco Wins Rd. 3/10 Monster Motocross


Guam – Guam’s top motocross racers were once again bumping elbows and chewing up the motocross track at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo this past Sunday during the third round of the ten round Monster Energy 2011 Guam Motocross Championship series. The series is also supported by Cycles Plus Honda and RPM Yamaha saw perfect weather for a full day of racing and, with a strong field of competitors, the action was non stop all day long.

Race Highlights


The Open Motorcycle class was the first to hit the jump filled motocross course for the first of two heat races.

When the green flag dropped signifying the land rush start it was #99 Caleb Barretto, aboard the Cycles Plus Honda, hitting the first turn and taking the lead over #27 Travis Fraunfelder, aboard a Yamaha, who was immediately challenging Barretto hard for the lead.  As the two fought for the lead #7 Jonathan Lizama, running in third aboard a Cycles Plus Kawasaki, was getting the pressure by last week’s Umatac Discovery Day Motocross winner, #14 Errol Angoco aboard his Yamaha, for third place position.

After the first lap was complete it was Barretto barely holding off the challenges of Fraunfelder for the lead and Lizama doing his best to stave off the attempts of Angoco to take third. Going into lap 3/14, Fraunfelder went down and was out of the race which left Lizama and Angoco now fighting for second.  Angoco was able to make the move to take the position.

For the next several laps Angoco, with Lizama in tow, poured on the power in an attempt to catch the leader, Barretto, and seemed to be slowly reeling him in. Just as it appeared as if Angoco was going to catch the leader Angoco made a small mistake, which not only saw him lose time to the leader, but lose the second place position to Lizama.

At the checkers it was Barretto taking the Heat 1 Round 3 win with Lizama and Angoco taking second and third respectively. Rounding out the top five, respectively, were #53 Tom Tarnate, aboard a Kawasak,i and #33 Jake Jones, aboard a Triple J supported Honda.


Missing from the starting line of the second and final Open Motorcycle heat of the day was the heat one winner #99 Caleb Barretto. The Cycles Plus supported Honda rider had to leave early and was unable to compete in the second heat. As the green flag dropped the Yamaha mounted #14 Errol Angoco quickly took charge by grabbing the first lap lead.

Once Again #27 Travis Fraunfelder was challenging for the lead aboard his Yamaha and this time made the pass taking the lead from Angoco on the second lap. Angoco wasn’t giving up and hounded Fraunfelder keeping the pressure on until on the sixth lap when Fraunfelder went down again and was out of the race.

This gave Angoco a huge lead over the rest of the field of competitors. Running in second was #7 Jonathan Lizama, aboard the Cycles Plus Kawasaki, seemingly on cruise control, content with a second heat second place finish. At the checkers it was Angoco taking the win and combined with his third place first heat finish was declared the overall Open Motorcycle class round 3 winner.

Rounding out the top ten overall for round 3 were #7 Jonathan Lizama Cycles Plus Kawasaki, #33/ Jake Jones Triple J supported Honda, #53 Tom Tarnate Kawasaki, #111 Jacob Einloth Honda, #5 Shawn Aguilo Cycles Plus Kawasaki, #94/ Bryan Barker Yamaha, #99 Caleb Barretto Cycles Plus Honda, #52 David Yamasta Yamaha, #88 Antonio Cabe RPM Yamaha supported Yamaha.


Open Atv class

#1 Robert Bucek, aboard the Cycles Plus Suzuki Ltr450, dominated from start to finish in each of the two heats of the Open Atv class to take the round 3 win. Taking second was Suzuki mounted #20 Jerry Joaquin with #6 Donavan Pitter, on a Honda, taking third.

Rounding out the top five were #14 Sade Pitter, aboard a Suzuki, and #73 Anthony Gumabon, aboard a Yamaha.


Open Kids Minibike.

#11 Rico Pereira, aboard a Honda, was able to take an early lead in heat one and would never relinquish it.  Combined with his second place finish in heat two, he took the Open Kids Minibike overall round 3 class win.

Taking second was Yamaha mounted #14 Anthony Ignacio who had gone down in heat one but was able to remount to finish fifth place in that heat and then take a first place in the second heat. Rounding out the top five were, respectively, #10 Robit Casper Cabe, aboard a Suzuki, #98 Marshal Vawters, aboard a Suzuki, and #12 Andrew Ignacio aboard a Yamaha.


85cc Kids Minibike.

#10 Robit Cabe, aboard his Suzuki RM85, kept it upright to take a second place in heat one and another second place in heat two to take the round 3 85cc class overall win. Taking second overall was #14 Anthony Ignacio aboard his Yamaha. Taking third through fifth was #98 Marshal Vawters aboard a Suzuki, #12 Andrew Ignacio on a Yamaha, and #4 Rowan Pereira on a Kawasaki.


65cc Kids Minibike

In the 65cc minibike class #1 Christian Duke aboard a Suzuki took the win over #6 Stoney Bucek aboard a Kawasaki.


Kids Open Mini Atv

#9 Ramon Torres, aboard his HaulPro Apex, once again dominated, sweeping both of the two heats to take the overall round 3 win. Taking second overall was the Aloha maid supported DRX of #18 Isaiah Reyes with #11 Jose Simpson taking third overall on his DRX. Rounding out the top five were #6 Stoney Bucek on a Simpson family owned  DRX, and #27 Marcus Manglona aboard a GTR Motorsports supported DRX respectively.


Kids 90cc Atv

Once again #9 ramon Torres showed his dominance by sweeping the 90cc class aboard his HaulPro Apex to take the win. Taking second overall in round three was #11 Jose Simpson aboard his DRX. Rounding out the top five in the 90cc class overall in round three were, respectively, #27 Marcus Manglona GTR Motorsports supported DRX, #29 AJ Windham aboard a DRX, and #88 Janissa Torres aboard a HaulPro DRX.


Kids 70cc Atv

#18 Isaiah Reyes aboard the Aloha Maid supported DRX swept both of the round three heats for the 70cc Kids Atv class to take the overall win for that round. Taking second was GTR Motorsports supported #49 Mason Manglona aboard a DRX with #6 Stoney Bucek on a Simpson family owned DRX taking third overall in the round. Rounding out the top five overall for the round respectively were #5 Collin Ray Cruz o a DRX, and #99 Victoria Clark on a Shell V-Power supported Apex.


Round 4/10 of the Monster Energy 2011 Guam Motocross Championships will be held this Sunday, March 20th, at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo. Racing is set to begin at 1:00p.m. and will be free for those who would like to come watch the action. For more information contact the Guam Racing Federation Public Information Office at 727-5381, e-mail or visit .

 Information from a press release.