Geckos Claim Consecutive Track And Field Titles


Guam – The 2011 All-Island track and field meet featured sweeps and a new high school record.

Guam High Panthers Patrick Bailey set a new mark in the 400 meter sprint clocking in at 50.43 seconds.  Guam High’s Damian Dimick got the gold in the 100 meter sprints and the only one to finish under 12 seconds.  Guam High also took top honors in the girl’s sprints and also took all four spots in the 100 meter sprints thanks to Haley Savoy, ashley Barnes, Stefani Loisel and Jaia Armstrong.

But it was the George Washington Geckos that came out on top.  The Gecko boys claimed their fifth consecutive title while the girls took hold of their fourth consecutive IIAAG track and field crown.  Erin Duenas got medals in four events, the discus (gold), javelin, shot and high jump (silver).