MYC Commodore Optimistic That “Pineapple” and Its Crew Will Be Found Safe & Sound


Guam – The Commodore of the Marianas Yacht Club, Bob Bullock, is confident that a missing 38-foot catamaran that left Apra Harbor 15 days ago will be found with all its crew, safe and sound.

The U.S. Coast Guard, in cooperation with the Philippine Coast Guard are searching for the “Pineapple.”

The crew of  5 left Guam on January 6th en-route to Cebu in the Philippines.  The voyage was supposed to take 7 to 10 days. The “Pineapple” was expected to arrive no later that January 16th. When the yacht did not show up, concerned family members and friends contacted the U.S. Coast Guard.

Neither the Coast Guard would identify the members of the crew, but Bullock told PNC News that the skipper “is a very experienced ocean sailor and a licensed captain. He’s done these type of delivers many times before.”

The Pineapple was being delivered to Cebu for a Charter. Bullock said that the yacht had recently under gone some repairs and speculated that perhaps there might have been some “boat problems.” But, referring to the skipper, he said  “I have every confidence in his ability to make the right decision.”

A long-range fixed aircraft has been dispatched from the USCG Station on Barber’s Point in Hawaii. Another aircraft has flown in from Wake to help in the search. And the Coast Guard has sent out emergency radio transmissions to ships transiting the area asking them to keep an eye out for the “Pineapple.”

However, in a release, the Coast Guard says that their search efforts have been hampered by the yachts lack of reliable long-range communications equipment. There is no satellite phone or emergency radio beacon aboard.