12 Inmates in BBQ Video on Probation; Action Awaited on 2 Others


Guam – The Department of Correction’s  Adjustment-Classification Committee has re-classified the incarceration status of 12 of the 14 inmates involved in the notorious prison barbecue video. However the re-classification to medium security, from minimum, was suspended and the inmates have been placed on 18-months probationary status instead.

The controversial video was taken back in 2009 but it leaked to the media last fall.

It was taken on an inmates laptop computer. It led to the dismissal of former DOC Director J.B. Palacios. Warden Francisco Crisostimo and Capt. Joseph Lujan were suspended, although they have both been re-instated now.

DOC Spokesman Lt. Antone Aguon told PNC News Friday that the behavior of the 12 inmates on probation will be reviewed every 6 months. And they could be placed on a higher level of security, if they violate their probationary status.

Disciplinary action against 2 other inmates is still pending. They are facing more serious allegations. Billy Cao Cruz produced the video and it was his laptop that was used to shoot it. Also, inmate Rolly Bautista was seen holding an axe in the video.

Lt. Aguon says that the Warden has yet to decide what action will be taken against them, but a decision is expected soon.