VIDEO: Acting BBMR Director Manglona Gets Grilled On Cash Shortfall At Appointment Hearing


Guam – The Governor’s appointee to the Bureau of  Budget and Management got a grilling at their Legislative confirmation hearings Thursday. Democratic Senators Rory Respicio and Ben Pangelinan tried to pin her down on the new administrations estimated $126 million dollar unfunded liability.

                    Estimated Unfunded Liability – $126 Million                        

COLA Judgement                                                                  23,100,000

GMHA/DOE- Retirement Fund Contribution                         11,350,000

Merit Bonus                                                                            1,550,978

Law Enforcement                                                                    6,323,691

Health Insurance                                                                   13,800,000

Hay Unclassified                                                                     5,500,000

Interfund Borrowings                                                              9,612,326

MWTP (subject to DRT confirmation)                                 55,567,500

Agency liabilities, including DOE                                            Unknown

TOTAL:                                                                             126,804,495