VIDEO: Palacios To Question Acting Fire Chief On KAL Crash Allegations & Photos at Confirmation Hearing


Guam – A confirmation hearing will be held this coming Monday for Acting Guam Fire Chief John Salas.

The Chairman of the Committee holding the hearing, Senator Adolpho Palacios, says he will ask Salas about allegations that some Guam Firemen may have stolen from the dead in the 1997 crash of  Korean Airlines Flight 801.

In particular, Palacios wants to know more about photographs that have come to light which purport to show personal items taken from one of those victims.

When shown the photos by PNC news, Senator Palacios said they raise serious questions and he wants to find out whether the pictures are linked to the allegations of theft following the crash.

The photos show a 2 Korean identity cards, a damaged wallet and nearly $1,000 U.S. dollars in cash,  in hundred, fifty, twenty, and one dollar denominations.

There is also a plastic bag labeled “Korean Air Flight 801.”

The date recorded on the edge of the pictures show that the photos were taken on August 11, 1997. 5 days after the August 6th crash.

The 2 different Korean IDs, have the same identity number on them and show the same man. One, a driver’s license issued on November 26 1996. The other, a Korean Government ID card, issued in August of 1988.

The name on the IDs are written in both Korean and Chinese characters.

A native Korean speaker told PNC News that she believes that the characters might be transcribed as SURENAME: Jung or Joung;  and GIVEN NAME: Dae Shik.

The flight manifest for those aboard KAL Flight 801 shows 11 Jung’s, 2 Joung’s, as well as 1 Jeong and 4 Jang’s. But no Dae Shik

See the Passenger Manifest for KAL Flight 801   [this is the official GovGuam website on the crash]

A Korean website that still maintains a manifest of both passengers and crew shows a Dae Shik as a member of the crew, but the Surname is Jo. There is no Jo Dae Shik listed on the manifest maintained on the GovGuam website.

See the Korean manifest posted on  [this is a Korean language website and you and your computer must be able to read Hangul]

Palacios said he would seek the assistance of the Korean consul to identify the items in the photos and he would ask the Acting GFD Chief about the allegations and the photos as well.

As PNC News reported last week, the Guam Police Department has confirmed that they are conducting an ongoing investigation into the allegations that some Guam Firemen stole items from the dead at the crash site. And last week acting Guam Fire Chief John Salas acknowledged to PNC News that he was questioned about those allegations last year by both Guam Fire and Guam Police investigators.

Salas was responsible for Internal Affairs at GFD at the time of the crash.

Acting Chief  Salas told PNC News that, shortly after the crash, he had seen some personal items taken from victims of the crash on the desk of then Fire Chief Gil Reyes. But he said that’s the last time he saw the items and that he was transferred out of Internal Affairs soon after.

Salas goes before Senator Palacios’s Committee for a confirmation hearing Monday.