VIDEO: Acting GFD Chief Salas, Capt. Arceo Say Photos Are Evidence of A Tragedy And Not A Crime


Guam – Acting Guam Fire Chief John Salas and GFD Spokesman Captain Andy Arceo say the KAL evidence photos that have surfaced in the media are evidence of a tragedy and not a crime.

The photos show a picture of  Tae Shik Jung a 44 year old passenger on board Korean Air Flight 801 that crashed on top of Nimitz Hill on August 6th 1997. His name is found on the Dong Illbao website, a major Korean Daily.

Jung survived the crash but died later at Naval Hospital.

His ID cards, a damaged wallet and nearly $1-thousand dollars in cash appear in photos dated August 11, 1997, 5 days after the crash. The photos also show an evidence bag labeled “Korean Air Flight 801.”

Also appearing in the photo is a yellow sheet of note paper with 2 names on it and a sketched map beneath that says “9 – 9:30 located at crash site.”

Acting Fire Chief Salas recognized the names on the sheet as Jesse Tainatango and Lance Lord, both current Guam Fire Fighters, who were also on the force back in 1997 when Flight 801 crashed.

The Acting Chief and GFD Spokesman Arceo told PNC News the photos are not evidence of a crime but a tragedy.

The  firemen listed on the yellow sheet of note paper were not stealing anything,  but doing their duty, collecting evidence from the scene of the tragedy and turning it in.

Salas and Arceo said that the appearance of the photos and last week’s anonymous letter alleging firemen stole from the dead are meant to de-rail the Acting Chief’s appointment to the force ahead of his confirmation hearing next Monday.