VIDEO: Rush Hour Rains Cause Widespread Flooding


Guam – Heavy rains at rush hour Friday morning created havoc on Guam’s roadways, causing massive traffic jams,  wide-spread flooding and more than a dozen accidents.

It was a ranging down pour with nearly 8 inches falling within 8 hours. The heaviest showers seem to come down during the Friday morning rush hour.


It caused massive traffic jams and stranded cars throughout the island. Guam Police Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia reported 15 traffic accidents Friday afternoon, and counting. There were also numerous reports of cars stalling out in flood waters, including Officer Balajadia’s own vehicle which stalled out in standing water at the intersection of Mai Mai Road and Route 4.

The Pago Bay Bridge was closed for a few hours Friday morning because of flooding. Portions of the north bound lanes of Marine Corp Drive at Polaris Point were also flooded, causing a massive traffic backup there.

The National Weather Service blames it all a developing system north of  the Marinas which is sucking bands of rain across Guam. The rain is expected to continue through the weekend.