VIDEO: Wusstig Road Light On; Safety Concerns Remain


Guam – The Wusstig Road intersection at Route 1 claimed 4 lives last year. And although construction on the traffic light at that location was completed last November,  the traffic signal there was only activated Wednesday. Thursday, DPW’s new Director Joanne Brown called a news conference at the location to discuss ongoing concerns about the safety at that location.

The Mayors of Yigo and Dededo were on hand to review those safety concerns and topping their list is the lack of a right turn lane from Wusstig onto Route 1.

That right turn lane was in the original blueprint, but it wasn’t built.

Parsons Brinckerhoff’s Paul Wolf  explained that the “right turn lane was intended in the project originally, however some complications arose in regards to the drainage that lead to added cost and possibly right of way issues. So it was decided to go ahead with the traffic signal part of the project and leave the right turn lane for later so we are cooperating with the department and looking into adding that right turn lane to be added at a later time.”

Department of Public Works Director Brown said until the right turn lane is addressed , they have extended the green light for travelers exiting Wusstig Road . “Residents that need to turn left to Andersen, in the past there has been a safety issue in regards with their ability to safely cross the road,” said Brown. “The Challenge though is that any individuals that are behind those who are turning left to go to Andersen will have to wait in line until the light is activated so that they turn right if they are heading towards Agana.”

Brown says hopefully there isn’t a lot of back up during rush hour traffic in the morning. Another concern that needs to be addressed would be for travelers cutting through the parking lot to avoid the traffic light.
There is also a safety hazard posed by the open ditch drains on the side of he road which she has asked PB to address.

However, Brown said that overall, the initial objective of  putting a traffic light at the intersection to make Wusstig road safer has been accomplished.