VOTE 2012 VIDEO: Primary Out Come of Primary Will Be a Ranking of Voter Favorites


Guam – PNC News caught up with island voters at the polls this Primary Day, to see what you had to say about the candidates and the election.

This year’s primary election includes the races for the Guam Legislature, Guam’s Delegate to the U.S. Congress, Mayoral and the Public Auditor.

More importantly, it’s a party race that will decide the rankings within each party ahead of the general election in November. In the legislative race, there 15 democrats and 16 republicans. One republican will be eliminated. All the others republicans, and democrats, will advance.

With 30 seats open for the general election, 15 democrats and 16 GOP nominees, the primaries will give the candidates and the opposing parties a peek into their standing with the voters.

Here is a sampling of what we heard.