VIDEO: Teaching Kids to Be Cyber Smart


Guam – A pair of Australian federal police officers are on on island this week to help the Guam Police Department launch the “Cyber Safe Pacifika” program.

The program was developed in Australia and its aim is to help kids be smart about using social media and to teach them about the potential dangers.

Officers Melissa Sevil and Melissa Northam are in the process of training a select group of Guam Police Officers who will in turn carry the lessons of cyber safety into the classroom.

Guam Police Spokesman A.J. Balajadia explains that Guam was among a number of islands selected last year as a launching site for the cyber safe program by the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police.

To get the program started, the 2 Australian Police Officers donated a power point projector and screen along with the software for the cyber safe program.

The first presentations of the program were made Tuesday to students at Southern High School, Oceanview Middle School  and on base at Andersen Middle School.