VIDEO: Gutierrez – Gumataotao Ramp Up Campaign



Guam – The Gutierrez – Gumataotao team has issued a 7-point plan to, in their words, “restore confidence” in GovGuam.


PNC News spoke with Democratic Lt. Gubernatorial candidate Gary Gumataotao about that plan, and the democratic Gubernatorial campaign to-date.


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In response to the Gutierrez – Gumataotao 7-point plan, the Calvo – Tenorio team issued a statement saying that the empty promises of the past led to the mess that the Calvo Administration has cleaned up.

The statement also maintains that the economy is growing, private and public sector workers are are making more money, and “Calvo companies have lost tens of millions in contracts since Eddie Calvo became Governor,” according to the statement.