2018 Sinajana Youth Basketball League wraps up week 4

Sinajana Rockers Robert Diego getting airtime. Team United's Justin Pineda tries to swipe the ball.

Sinajana, Guam — The 2018 Sinajana Youth Basketball League completed its fourth week of games in the Under 8, Under 10, Under 12 and Under 16 divisions at the Sinajana gym.  Games in the Under 14 division were postponed due to bad weather.

Sinajana Youth Basketball League sponsors, Bank of Guam, IP&E Guam, and the Sinajana Mayor’s Office present week 4 game results as follows:

Under 16:

  • Barrigada Crusaders Black 58, Mavericks 39:  Crusaders Blacks’ Jeffrey Labanza scored a game-high 15 points and teammate Thelo Orichiro scored 13 points.  Mavericks’ Blaise Ada scored a team-high 8 points and teammates Matthew Santos, Thomas Demapan, and Isaiah Pelkey scored 7 points each.
  • Sinajana Rockers 51, Team Unity 29: Rockers teammates Onjel Caraballo, James Cook, and Robert Diego scored 8 points each.  Unity’s Jerriel Zapanta and Justin Pineda scored 7 points each.
  • Barrigada Crusaders Grey 70, Inarajan Hawks 32: Crusaders Greys’ Dylan Trusso scored 23 points.  Hawks’ Jadeha Cruz scored a team-high 8 points.

 Under 12:

  • Barrigada Crusaders Edge 17, Yona Spartans 11: Crusaders Edge’s Darius Santos scored a team-high 5 points while teammates Ayden Respicio, Aiden Uncangco, and Toby Babauta scored 4 points each.  Spartans’ Daryl Peredo scored 4 points.
  • Inarajan Hawks 17, Sinajana Rockers White 3: Hawks’ Josaih Sablan scored 6 points and teammate Ben Meno scored 5 points.  Rockers White’s K-Rai Benavente scored 2 points.
  • Sinajana Rockers Green 30, Barrigada Crusaders Chrome 6: Rockers Green’s Noah Hernandez, Marcello Blas, and Joseph Cruz scored 6 points each.  Crusaders Chrome’s Cadence Guzman scored 6 points.

 Under 10:

  • Sinajana Rockers 26, Yona Spartans 3: Rockers teammates Ayden Benavente and Matthew Quinata scored 6 points each.  Spartans’ Jordan Topasna scored 2 points.
  • Inarajan Hawks def. Raiders via forfeit

Under 8:

  • Sinajana Rockers 26, Yona Spartans 12: Rockers’ Kai Flores had 12 points and teammate Ashtyn Gumataotao scored 8 points.  Spartans’ Aryanah Flores and Naythan Arceo scored 4 points each.
  • Inarajan Hawks One 12, Inarajan Hawks Two 10: Hawks One’s Kemiah Flores scored 6 points and teammate Brennan Tudela scored 4 points. Hawks Two’s Juan Hale scored 6 points and teammate Lazariah Sablan scored 4 points.

Information provided by Vincent Duenas at vjgduenas@hotmail.com.