2020 Census of Guam employee tests positive for COVID-19


An individual employed with the Guam Census office has recently tested positive for COVID-19.

The employee remains in home isolation and has never had contact with the public in their capacity as a Guam Census employee.

The confined area in which the employee works has been deep cleaned and is currently closed to other employees.

The Guam Census Office will continue to employ its current policy of twice a day sanitation of the facility. The office has remained closed to the public since August 15.

In adherence with Guam DPHSS guidelines, the Guam Census Office enforces the mandatory use of face coverings and social distancing within the facility and conducts temperature checks of all employees before entering.

The Guam Census Office call center will remain open for residents to complete
the 2020 Census over the telephone.

For information visit 2020census.guam.gov or email guam@2020census.gov