2021 Miss Queen of the Pacific crowned

2021 Miss Queen of the Pacific and her court. (Photo by Jax Photography Guam)

On Saturday, April 17, a new Miss Queen of the Pacific was crowned.

The pageant was held at the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa’s Micronesian Ballroom.

Four ladies competed to become the next Miss Queen of The Pacific but only one individual took the crown home.

33-year-old Trinity Hufana, who represented the central republic of Honduras, was the one crowned Miss Queen Of The Pacific 2021.

Hufana is originally from the village of Yigo and joined the pageant to remind everyone that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Prior to being crowned Miss Queen of The Pacific 2021, she won the 2011 Queen Marianas, and was the 1st runner up of the 2018 Miss Queen of the Pacific International.

Hufana said in a statement to PNC, “I feel nothing but love from the whole experience.”

She further stated: “Throughout my entire journey I was met with nothing but love, positivity, and support from those who believed in my journey to the crown.”

Hufana says for those who may experience bullying, her advice would be: “Be kind. Kill them with kindness. Also, try to surround yourself with positivity. A positive presence in your life can make the world of difference in how you interpret the world around you. You are your harshest critic so don’t ever forget to be kind to yourself as well. Learn to love yourself unconditionally. Once you learn to embrace yourself from within, you can become an unstoppable force for the world.”

She also said that she plans to continue advocating that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. “That doesn’t just stop on a pageant stage. As a plus-size trans woman, I intend to be as visible within the community as possible”

The pageant was on a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miss Queen Of the Pacific is Guam’s ultimate alternative pageant and it was made to feature the beauty and talent of the LGBTQ community.

The pageant was founded in 2013 and it aims to promote acceptance and equality from all walks of life.