San Nicolas directs campaign to forego presence at polling sites for community safety

Congressman Michael San Nicolas (PNC file photo)

Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas has directed his campaign personnel to forego their presence at polling sites for the sake of community in this time of pandemic.

San Nicolas said that while his campaign teams encourages everyone to vote, he has directed them to not be physically present for campaigning at polling sites.

“As much as we wish to demonstrate our enthusiasm for your support, we do not want to convey a lack of seriousness in the need for us to maintain social distancing and large group gatherings,” the congressman said.

He added: “We will be honored to continue serving you in the Congress and put our faith in the substance of our work for you as the basis for your support, and as an extension of this likewise believe that the decision to reduce polling site gatherings is the right one as well. God bless you, please be safe, and let us have as safe an election as we can.”

(Congressman MSN News Release)